Development Training

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Development Training

Development training can improve business performance, profit and staff morale. There are numerous advantages to business owners which include:

  • Demonstrating that your workforce is valued can increase productivity and reduce levels of absenteeism and employee turnover.
  • Better customer service from motivated employees can boost a business’s reputation.

We provide a wide range of courses designed to help organisations develop their staff and improve their business in these ways.

We do not believe in providing a one size fits all training course. our experienced trainers will liaise with your company representative to identify areas that may require particular attention to ensure that your staff get the most out of their training.

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Customer Service

All businesses, whether they operate face-to-face, over the phone or by e-mail, should strive to give their customers the best experience they can in order to maintain relationships, status and success. This course aims to provide those who work in the customer service industry with the information and skills needed to go above and beyond with the customer service that they provide.

Conflict Management

The course raises participants’ understanding of the background to conflict and the contribution they can make to either calming or escalating a confrontation. A crucial skill for those in a client facing role who are likely to come across angry, aggressive or demanding customers.

During the training day participants learn and practise key skills to build their confidence and to maintain composure whilst de-escalating customer conflict.

 Team Building

Our team building workshops are packed full of useful teamwork training exercises, tips and techniques that new and experienced staff will find essential in showing how to work together effectively and will put them on the steady route of becoming successful team players and leaders. We can provide this training in a wide range of environments and include a number of different activities.

People Management

Combining proven leadership techniques with practical advice and individual insights, this course will link your personal leadership to the performance of others.

Our people management training course can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals who are new to management right through to those already in senior positions managing a multi million pound turnover with a considerable number of staff to oversee.


Managing Change

Change is the only constant at work and without it we can’t go forward. But most of us resist change to a greater or lesser extent.

By learning how to manage and embrace change employees and businesses can benefit greatly. You will leave the course with plenty of practical tools, checklists and ideas to take back to the workplace and put into practice straight away.

Building Performance

When managing a team, building performance can be a challenge for many. One of the main areas team leaders struggle to do well is challenging negative behaviour in a positive way going forwards.

The course covers a range of topics including; providing feedback correctly, developing performance plans and solutions, resolving concerns and provide positive reinforcement to show how employees are valued.By attending our building performance training course, managers will receive a number of tips and tricks which they will be able to implement on their return to work.